Who We Are

Since Orange Tree Design Studio launched in 2003, we've been privileged to be part of the constantly evolving digital age, as platforms, markets and technologies change so do we.

Orange Tree Design Studio draws it's name from two key elements design and function. Orange is our primary color; Tree is a derivative of our business goal to provide growth to every client we service; It's quite a simple analogy 'you grow, we grow'.

We achieve this through creativity in all forms - strategy, design, technology and production - every project is unique and as such must be treated the same way. We challenge each other to provide a flexible, efficient approach allowing us to extract the highest creativity from each relationship we form resulting in innovative, action driven results.


'Creativity is not a skill learned, but in the right environment can be maximized to it's full potential'


Call Orange Tree Design Studio on +61 7 3208 3052 or email us at info@orangetree.com.au

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