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Project Overview

Sybil's Plus Size Fashion have been running for over 25 years in the traditional retail sector. Leone from Sybil's decided it was time to venture into the online environment. Looking for an effective way to transition across to create an e-commerce solution to sell their custom made clothing.

The Process

There were three main challenges with this website:
1. Navigation / Content Structure
2. Easily updateable website
3. Visually appealing
4. Interconnectivity

The navigation of the site was primarily driven by the products available from Sybil's, we looked at the existing product line and adapted a simple one level navigation structure that didn't require large menu systems or multiple levels of navigation. Each product is offered both singular and as an outfit, so the details pages needed to take into account the two variations. We achieved this using a simple but smart custom administration solution that allowed for a parent-child relationship in regards to each product.

The administration section is easy to use and allows each user to add / edit products in simple step.Image uploads are very simple and make multiple copies / versions that can be used at various points throughout the site to keep data delivery to an efficient minimum. As products appear in multiple places either individually or in outfits updating of stock levels can be updated from multiple points and flow through any products that match PLU numbers keeping levels consistent throughout the site.

Specific photo shoots are taken as each season is updates Orange Tree Design Studio provides strategic direction to gain maximum effect from each photo shoot in regards to the website layout and product delivery.

The website also functions as another shop in regards to the overall business structure and needed to be integrated into the store stock levels. We produced a custom module to the connect the website stock levels and the retail management software to talk to each other seamlessly and keep all stock levels up to date.

We also integrated a National Australia Bank (NAB) payment gateway to allow instant processing of payments as well as all the features that come with the payment gateway allowing refunds, multiple orders, batch processing etc.

The Result

Sybil's launched their new website and are successfully selling their clothing lines online to the general public. Products are updated each season fast and effectively with a minimum of stress involved. Sybil's recently launched a new campaign and are currently receiving in excess of 500 new members each month.

  • Javascript / AJAX
  • Jquery
  • PHP / MySQL
  • Colorbox, JQuery UI Tabs
  • NAB Payment Gateway
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