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Project Overview

Wine Experience have been a loyal customer for over 9 years now, after working with Orange Tree Design Studio their online presence has grown for a third time. We were asked to redevelop their existing online presence to cater for a larger product database and much more online orders due to continued expansion.

The Process

There were four main challenges with this redevelopment:
1. Custom administration system
2. Interconnectivity
3. New customer website

Wine Experience required quite a large and specific administration system for their new website which included a large amount of connectivity to external functionality. This administration system required connectivity between shipping, delivery, accounting, product management, label management, content management, payment gateway, and transaction tracking. All these elements were incorporated into one succinct administration system allowing for easy updating of website structure/content and access to all available sales, customer and tracking data at any one point in time.

The website was required to function as another store and as such needed to be able to communicate with existing stock, sales & accounting systems this required custom modules to be developed to allow seamless communication between all parties involved.

The new website required a fresh new clean look and must be able to cater for a much larger amount of content. Two new major section were added to the site also being a custom label editing system and a custom fundraising management section both were to be manage by the customer and overseen by internal management.

The Result

Wine Experience now have a new site with a fresh clean look and feel, easy navigation and are able to administer their site much faster and more accurately. Customer service/functionality has been increased dramatically allowing customers more control over many different aspects of the site as well as the ability to real time track each order they place on the site. With the much larger content structure of the site Wine Experience's online ranking and exposure has increased significantly resulting in another increase in online sales.

  • Javascript / AJAX
  • Jquery
  • PHP / My SQL
  • Colorbox, JQuery UI Slider, Tabs
  • CommWeb Payment Gateway
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