iPhone and Mobile Development

Here at Orange Tree Design Studio we see the mobile user experience as a fantastic way to extend above and beyond the traditional web site / application environment. The mobile platform is a new canvas that allows us to create amazing user experiences to engage and promote each brand to a whole new level. We hold expertise in all three mobile platforms iPhone, Android and Web Based mobile applications this allows us to provide a complete solution for our clients to target all possible mobile markets. Mobile websites are not a compromise but rather a new approach with a new set of technical knowledge to maximize design and performance.

Web Development

Web sites are constantly evolving as technology changes, users expect more from a website today. Websites need to be faster more compelling and deliver information much more efficiently. Orange Tree Design Studio has extensive knowledge in the development of websites from traditional information based websites through to multi-server / multi-database applications handling millions of products and transactions daily. We work hard to understand your business, your customers and your expectations with this in mind we are able to scope, develop and launch highly effective solutions that not only meet each clients requirements but also provide excellent flexibility and growth opportunities for now and in the future.

Facebook, Twitter Development

Social media is a smart medium and provides excellent API's to allow for custom development for each brand. The key element to social media is engagement this makes the user part of the experience this provides an exciting new medium to connect with your customers. Orange Tree Design Studio understands the power of viral marketing, we work hard to integrate content sharing providing powerful embedded social applications to take advantage of multiple social networks at the same time. Our extensive knowledge of these networks allows us to provide powerful social media solutions to all our clients.

Database Development

Database development is extremely important when considering the scope of each project. Here at Orange Tree Design Studio we work hard to strategically design and develop each database individually allowing for a more precise scope. Taking into consideration technical elements as well as hardware requirements from both a hosting and application standpoint. Incorrect database design can be costly and will heavily affect productivity and deliverability of each project. With multiple platforms available we approach each design with a flexible outcome to cater for both traditional based applications and mobile applications.

Product Management System

Our product management systems is built with three key features; easy to use, scalability and flexibility. Our systems are used from websites with 3 products through to large applications with over 4 million products. Each projects requires a unique set of options to suit the needs of each individual client, here at Orange Tree Design Studio we work hard to cater for those unique requirements to allow our clients to grow with each system implemented.

Website Hosting

Orange Tree Design Studio prides themselves on great customer service this is one of the key reasons for setting up our own Web Hosting servers. This allows us to provide one key point of contact for all services and rather than dealing with a 3rd party we are able to resolve the issue in-house. Web Hosting is a mission critical element to your online environment and as such must be dealt with in the same manner. We here at Orange Tree Design Studio have the knowledge and expertise to deal with these situations on-site allowing for maximum speed and resolution to any item required.

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